Stûv, the essential fire

Welcome to the world of Stûv, where beauty becomes functional, where efficient heating and the pleasure of a fire go hand in hand to create a unique experience.

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Wood stoves

Installed in a corner, along a wall or in the centre of a room, Stûv wood stoves are designed to offer maximum efficiency and pleasure.

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Wood fireplaces and inserts

To replace and old built-in appliance or integrate a fireplace in a new construction, Stûv wood burning inserts and fireplaces with zero clearance are perfectly designed to meet all of your needs.

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Gas fireplaces

Stûv Gas fireplaces offer comfort and ease of use in addition to providing efficient and controlled heating at will. 

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Stûv 16

Stûv 16-in, Z & combo image

Stûv 16-in, Z & combo

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Stûv 21

Stûv 21-clad image

Stûv 21-clad

Stûv 30 image

Stûv 30

Stûv Gas image

Stûv Gas

The Stûv signature

Since its inception, Stûv has proposed a unique contemporary vision of auxiliary heating with its lines of wood, gas and pellet stoves and fireplaces designed in Belgium and adapted for North America. Streamline design with no compromise on quality and efficiency makes the Stûv signature a guarantee of performance.

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